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Is it whiplash or something else?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Back injuries are some of the most common issues that plague car crash victims. The severity of injuries often hinges on the circumstances and severity of the crash. 

You may believe that the pain in your neck is inconsequential. However, some crashes may cause severe damage to the back that results in long-term treatment and care. Discover some of the other back injuries you may find yourself dealing with after a collision. 


A rear-end collision may cause tears in the muscles of the neck. According to the Mayo Clinic, the result of this damage is whiplash. It is the most common back injury people suffer in car accidents. Whiplash is painful and results in a loss of mobility due to stiffness. Doctors typically treat whiplash with muscle relaxers and physical therapy. 

Herniated disc 

The discs of soft and bouncy material between vertebrae are vital to minimizing damage to your back. These discs provide cushion and keep bones from rubbing. In an accident, these discs may slip out of place, impacting the spinal cord. The result is pain, discomfort and loss of function. The disc may strike the spinal cord causing consequences elsewhere in the body. Treatment for a disc herniation may include surgery and long-term rehabilitation. 

Fractured vertebrae 

The vertebrae create a barrier of protection around the spinal cord. The purpose is to keep this sensitive and integral neural pathway safe and intact. However, during a crash, the force may cause a crack or fracture of one or more vertebrae along the spinal cord. The treatment for a spine fracture varies due to the severity of the damage. In some instances, you may need critical and long-term care due to paralysis. 

Any back injury may result in serious consequences. It is crucial to seek medical attention soon after a crash to assess any damage in the back.