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What habits keep motorcyclists safe on roadways?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

As a motorcyclist, you are more prone to serious injuries if you happen to find yourself in a motorcycle accident. While, according to the NHTSA, it is up to drivers and motorcyclists to take care on the road to avoid accidents, there are steps that motorcyclists can take to remain safe.

The following includes tips to stay safe on your ride.

How to prepare for a ride

The skills and knowledge that it takes to drive a car is different from some of the skills necessary to operate a motorcycle. It is crucial that a person has his or her motorcycle license before operating the vehicle on roadways.

Before each ride, riders should check the following:

  • Hand and foot brakes
  • Tread depth
  • Headlights
  • Signal indicators

It is also important to secure any and all cargo and double check it. Likewise, you may need to secure and balance the cargo. If you have a person with you, then he or she should mount once you start the vehicle. He or she needs to sit forward as much as possible and have his or her feet on the foot rests constantly.

How to handle a ride

Once on the road, you need to look out for your well-being. Motorcycle crashes kill almost 5,000 riders per year. Helmets can protect you from serious brain injuries, while denim or leather riding gear can protect arms and legs.

Riders should be defensive. Often, cars do not see motorcycles. To ride safely, you should always ride with the flow of traffic and leave room between yourself and other vehicles. Always check twice behind you and signal if you plan to change lanes. Caution is crucial to avoid an accident.