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Should I switch to a trike?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There are many reasons to love motorcycling in New Jersey and across the United States. Plenty of motorcyclists have rhapsodized romantic about the wind in their hair and the freedom of two wheels for decades. However, it is also true that riding a motorcycle is fraught with danger. For this reason and many others, many dedicated motorcyclists are switching over to three-wheeled trikes. According to Buffalo Chip, three-wheeled trikes are giving motorcyclists more years to enjoy motorcycle style riding in a safer environment.  

It can be difficult to be approaching your golden years and have a more difficult time riding a motorcycle. For instance, many individuals who suffer strokes or other debilitating events find that it is no longer safe for them to continue riding a two-wheel motorcycle. For this group of people, a trike can provide the stability necessary to continue enjoying the wind in their hair but with a more stable ride. 

Another reason why trikes are becoming popular is for the comfort factor. Particularly as people get on in age, even healthy adults can have a difficult time spending an entire day in the saddle. Safety is also an issue that can be remedied with a trike. Older motorcyclists find that riding a trike can help them continue to enjoy the sport well into their seventies and beyond when they may not be able to control a traditional bike on their own merit anymore. 

Motorcycling can be a dangerous sport, but the edge of danger also gives it a lot of its charm. But if two wheels have become simply too much for you to handle, switching over to a three wheel trike can help you heed the call of the open road in a safe way for longer.