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What are blood alcohol and breath tests?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

New Jersey residents may have to take a blood alcohol content (BAC) test if pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Today we will look at two of the most common tests in use today. These are blood alcohol tests and breath tests.

Breath tests are the most well-known. They are the easiest to employ and takes the least amount of time to receive results. This is also the test referred to in implied consent laws. These laws ensure that any driver gives their consent to take a breath test by using public roads. On the other hand, breath tests still have several flaws. Their accuracy depends on device calibration. If an officer does not calibrate a device correctly, the reading may be inaccurate. Food and non-alcohol drink can also interfere with the results.

Blood alcohol content tests are a little more involved. Officers will take you to a clinic where a lab technician will draw a sample of your blood. This sample is then tested for alcohol levels. Some experts say there are fewer chances of having incorrect results compared to breath tests. It is therefore considered by some to be more accurate. Still, your diet and health can impact results. People with diabetes or other diseases related to blood sugar have higher results. The same goes for individuals on cough or cold medicine.

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