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The rights of motorcycle riders

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2019 | Firm News |

Motorcycle riders in New Jersey and other parts of America are one of the most exposed people on the road. Even though they may be the safest riders, they are at the mercy of all the other road users. When a car changes lanes abruptly without indication or pulls up in front of a biker without warning, the driver endangers the life of the motorcyclist and takes advantage of his rights. 

A bump or scrape that might cause minor damages to a car may be devastating to the rider. You may get severe injuries to the neck, head, and back. The worst-case scenario is that you may become paralyzed. These damages occur when someone decides to change lanes without carefully checking their mirrors. Even though motorcycle riders may be an easy target to miss, a driver should always maintain focus on the road regardless of the vehicle they are using. 

The law grants motorcycles as much right as any vehicle to ride on highways and interstate expresses. According to theDepartment of Law and Public Safety of New Jersey, every year, close to 2,500 motorcycles get into accidents. The state implemented a universal helmet law together with 28 other fellow states in a bid to protect the riders and reduce the injuries caused in an accident. 

With the number of motorcyclists increasing every day, it is best if all the road users may observe all the traffic laws. Motorists should have their helmet on at all times and ride as safely as possible. All riders should get the same respect given to any other driver on the road.