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Driver awareness may prevent motorcycle collisions

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

The many beautiful roads that traverse throughout New Jersey create a prime route for motorcyclists looking for a beautiful and memorable ride. Additionally, riding a motorcycle is a valuable form of transportation for many people that provides convenience, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. However, motorcyclists face an enhanced risk of injury and death because of the vulnerability they are exposed to on a bike. Unfortunately, if motorists fail to pay attention and stay vigilant, they may not notice a motorcycle and this oversight could result in fatal consequences.

According to, there are several helpful considerations that all drivers can take in an effort to be aware of motorcyclists before it is too late. These include the following:

  • Drivers should always stay in their lane and avoid distractions that could impair attentiveness.
  • Drivers should pay extra attention in inclement weather to recognize motorcyclists.
  • Drivers should always check in their blind spots and use extra caution when they need to pass a motorcycle.
  • Drivers should remember that motorcycles can move faster than an average vehicle and allow them enough room to move quickly between lanes.
  • Drivers should watch for motorcycles that are turning. Likewise, they should inform motorcycle riders of their decision to turn by putting their turn signal on in anticipation of turning.

The State of New Jersey, Department of Law & Public Safety reported that a stunning two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents are the result of another vehicle’s driver failing to notice a motorcycle rider. Over half of these accidents occurred in an intersection.