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Why are motorcyclists better drivers?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

As much as you love taking your motorcycle out on the roadways of New Jersey, sometimes you have to drive your car instead. The good news is that, when you are behind the wheel, you are more likely to be a safer driver than the motorists around you. How does your riding experience improve your driving skills?

According to, one of the things your time on your motorcycle has taught you is to be wary of the drivers around you. On two wheels, it has become second nature to watch for dangerous behaviors in others, so you recognize the drifting wheels of someone looking at a cellphone or programming a GPS system. These drivers have shown little regard for your safety, but you know better than to take the same risks; you are on high alert all the time, prepared to make defensive maneuvers. Your instincts and reflexes are honed from the skills it takes to operate a motorcycle, which allows you to respond to a hazard in an instant.

People complain that other drivers do not know how to handle a little rain, but you do. In fact, when the streets are wet, you are hyper-aware of issues such as standing water and slick surfaces that can affect traction and braking. Just as you would on your motorcycle, you drive at a speed that is appropriate for conditions, and you give yourself more space to come to a stop.

Lots of drivers merely glance in their mirrors before merging or changing lanes, but you know that without a head check, the already dangerous blind spot becomes much larger. Motorcyclists are especially at risk from sideswipe collisions, so you understand the importance of glancing over your shoulder in addition to checking your mirrors.

This information about poor driving behaviors and motorcycle skills is provided for general educational purposes only.