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Explaining the dangers of eating while driving

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Car Accidents |

With all of the attention being placed on preventing people from texting and driving, you likely feel very safe from distracted drivers. Yet are there other activities that many in Monmouth County engage in that can be just as distracting? Several people have come to us here at Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli following car accidents surprised to learn just how dangerous it can be to eat while behind the wheel. If you have recently been involved in an accident caused by one who otherwise appeared to be a responsible driver, you may want to ask yourself whether eating while driving was the cause of your collision.

The Auto Alliance has partnered with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to help educate people on the dangers of eating while driving. One of the most alarming statistics that they share indicates a widespread ignorance (or even indifference) to this hazard. They share data collected by Exxon Mobil that shows that 70 percent of drivers surveyed admitted to eating while behind the wheel, while 83 percent confessed to drinking beverages while driving.

Why is eating while driving so dangerous? It is due to the many forms of distraction it causes. There are three generally accepted types of distractions drivers face:

  • Visual
  • Manual
  • Cognitive

Eating on the road causes all three. One must pay attention to what he or she is eating, thus pulling both his or her attention and vision away from the road and requiring him or her to release the steering wheel with at least one hand. Knowing this, it may be easier to pursue a liability claim in your accident knowing the extent to which the driver that struck you may have allowed him or herself to become distracted.

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