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Summer can be a dangerous time for motorcycle riders

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Warm weather and sunny skies are often a perfect combination for motorcyclists in New Jersey. However, just as more riding enthusiasts hit the road during summer months, so do the drivers of many other types of vehicles as they embark on vacation road trips and jaunts to the shore. That is why people who ride motorcycles may wish to exercise extra caution when traveling in the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

According to the Claims Journal, most crashes involving motorcycles occur during the summer. July is the single month with the greatest number of accidents. In addition, the day of the week on which the highest number of accidents take place is Saturday.

Both motorcyclists and car drivers can do their part to make sure the number of accidents involving motorcycles stay down. To begin with, New Jersey 101.5 recommends that riders wear bright clothing so that they remain visible. In addition, just because the weather is warm does not mean that riders should eschew protective gear that can help keep them safe in the event an accident. They should also take care to not speed excessively.

Drivers can do their part by remaining aware of their surroundings and keeping an eye out for motorcycles on the road. One important way to do that is by avoiding using a cell phone and engaging in other distracting behaviors while behind the wheel. Drivers can also help by making sure to keep ample distance between themselves and motorcycles so that riders have space to react to the conditions around them.