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44 injured in Lincoln Tunnel bus crash

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Injuries suffered in a crash can affect a person in many areas of life even if they are considered minor. A broken bone may impact a person’s ability to work. A neck or back injury may require weeks or months of physical therapy or even surgery. Therefore, New Jersey residents who are injured in a crash may find themselves dealing with the consequences long after the accident occurs.

Three people were seriously injured following a recent bus accident inside the Lincoln Tunnel. One person suffered a seizure due to an existing brain jury, while the other two people suffered broken bones. 41 others received minor injuries; however, it is not known what type of injuries those people suffered. All of the injured parties are expected to survive.

The accident occurred when the driver of a New Jersey Transit bus changed lanes inside the tunnel, a practice which is prohibited. The driver of another New Jersey Transit bus was then unable to brake in time to avoid hitting the first bus. Authorities did not say whether or not they suspect the driver who caused the accident was under the influence of any substances at the time of the crash. However, that driver was cited for careless driving and improperly changing lanes, as well as changing lanes unsafely.

People who are injured in an accident may find themselves facing not only physical injury but also uncertainty about how they will be compensated for their medical bills, pain and lost wages. Therefore, they may wish to contact an attorney who is experienced in this area.

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