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Pregnancy puts women at higher risk of accident

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Car Accidents |

A recent study shows that pregnancy may put women at a higher risk of getting into a car accident. According to NBC News, the study was held over a 6-year period and involved over 500,000 women’s records relating to pregnancy and car accidents. The researchers looked for accidents that occurred during the women’s pregnancies and that required emergency care at an emergency room.

When the results were tallied, it was determined that during pregnancy, the women showed a monthly crash rate of 252 a month. However, before they got pregnant, the crash rate per month was 177. The researchers who conducted the study looked at records dating to three months prior to the pregnancy. When compiled, it was determined that compared to women who are not pregnant, drivers who were expectant moms were 42 percent more likely to be in a motor vehicle accident.

According to Fox News, many pregnant women don’t worry about getting into a car crash but they are concerned about things like hot tubs or traveling on an airplane. However, the study shows that women should be putting more attention on driving safely when behind the wheel, especially during the second trimester, when the traffic accident risk is much higher. At this point in the pregnancy it is estimated that the number of women who will get into an accident is one in 50.

When examining the accidents that occurred during pregnancy, researchers did look at possible factors such as fatigue, distraction, insomnia and nausea – symptoms commonly associated with pregnancy. It was also suggested that pregnant drivers in the second trimester may be distracted with preparing for the baby and that, in addition to back pain and insomnia may render them in a condition where they don’t realize the danger that exist on the road.