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Truck crash involves multiple vehicles and injuries in Edison

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Commercial vehicles in all shapes and sizes are necessary for transporting goods across the country. Along the busy, congested highways of New Jersey, drivers frequently share the road with truck drivers. Like all drivers, truckers can get into an accident due to any factor imaginable. Catastrophic truck crashes have occurred as a result of drunk driving, distraction, fatigue, high speed, faulty mechanics or any other number of causes. Unlike many accidents involving smaller vehicles, those who get into collisions with large trucks are usually seriously injured or worse.

This fall and winter, New Jersey drivers face increased dangers from commercial truck traffic. It may take law enforcement quite some time to piece together the causes or factors contributing to a semi truck crash. A recent accident on Route 287 in Edison drove home the point that a truck crash can happen unexpectedly on any road. It was also evident that truck crashes involving multiple vehicles tend to be quite serious.

According to authorities, the September accident occurred shortly after 4:00 in the afternoon and involved a tractor-trailer, a commercial box truck and at least two other smaller vehicles. Multiple people received injuries, although the extent of their injuries was not yet clear. Authorities were still investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. Considering the time of the accident, it may be plausible that sun glare or rush hour traffic contributed to the crash.

Depending on whether the truck driver is determined to be at fault in a crash, the trucker or the truck company may be held liable for damages, including lost wages, medical expenses and funeral expenses.

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