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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

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The attorneys at Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, L.L.P., are committed to helping accident victims and their families achieve the recognition and compensation they deserve. Sadly, the personal-injury cases that we handle frequently revolve around fatal accident incidents. Wrongful death lawsuits can be much more complex than other types of personal injury litigation, as they often involve multiple claimants and damages considerations. Having a comprehensive understanding of New Jersey accident statistics and factors is a critical component of successfully pursuing wrongful death claims in such cases.

A 2012 report published by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General provided an overview of annual accident statistics, offering insight into some of the primary factors that contribute to fatal collisions across the state. According to the report, 589 people lost their lives in automobile collisions in the state that year. The number of New Jersey fatality victims was down from 2011, but it was also estimated that national fatality rates increased slightly from the year before to 34,080.

Considering some of the factors that contributed to fatal collisions in New Jersey, it was found that almost 12 percent of drivers involved in deadly collisions were considered legally intoxicated and almost 29 percent of fatality victims had consumed alcohol. Another startling statistic was that a huge percentage of victims involved in 30 fatal hit-and-run collisions that year were pedestrians. Inclement weather conditions did not play a role in a vast majority of the incidents surveyed, and more than half of fatal crashes that happened in New Jersey took place on straight roadways. It is also worth noting that 28 of the 553 deadly collisions that occurred involved tractor-trailers.

Accurate accident statistics play an important role in identifying the major hazards that New Jersey motorists are confronted by every day. Visit our web page today to learn more about fatal accident liability and damages.