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Numerous injuries after truck collides with bus in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Whether someone gets behind the wheel of a semi while suffering from truck driver fatigue or a negligent truck company is responsible for a wreck, there are many reasons why truck crashes happen. In Monmouth, New Jersey, victims of truck accidents may be unsure of what to do next. However, it is very important for them to do everything they can to ensure that they receive the compensation they need to move forward.

According to a state police spokesman, a semi truck driver was responsible for a chain-reaction accident which recently occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike and left 10 people injured. The accident took place at 7:49 a.m. and was reportedly caused by the driver of the semi truck making an improper pass.

The truck driver allegedly collided with a bus after trying to switch lanes, leaving 10 people who were riding on the bus injured. The accident, which also involved another tractor-trailer, prompted lanes to be shut down until the afternoon and backed up traffic for several miles.

While the specific details of semi truck crashes may vary, it is always tragic when someone loses their life or suffers from a permanent disability because of a negligent truck driver. When these accidents happen, victims may also suffer from problems that are not always given as much attention, such as lost wages due to job loss, medical expenses and emotional pain. Anyone who is in this position should closely examine their options and may want to consider reaching out to a knowledgeable legal professional.

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