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Motorcyclist hurt in New Jersey accident

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

With winter approaching, many motorcyclists will wait until next year to get back on their bike. After all, with icy roads and inclement weather, winter can be a particularly dangerous time to ride a motorcycle in Monmouth, New Jersey. However, some motorcyclists are still taking to the road and it is important for drivers to be aware of their presence at all times. When distracted drivers don’t see a motorcyclist or fail to obey traffic laws, they may be responsible for causing motorcycle accidents, which sometimes result in serious injuries and lost lives.

Authorities are still investigating a motorcycle accident which recently took place in Vineland. The collision, which occurred at roughly 3 p.m., left the motorcyclist injured. According to someone who witnessed the accident, the motorcyclist had to move into another lane after a vehicle forced them out of the lane they were riding in. After abruptly switching lanes, the motorcyclist allegedly collided with a truck.

Following the accident, the witness claims the motorcyclist was stuck under the truck and people who drove by got out of their cars to help. Officers cleaned up the scene of the crash and shut down the intersection where it took place shortly before rush hour.

Moving forward can be very difficult for a motorcycle accident victim. On top of emotional and physical pain, they may have to deal with long term care, medical expenses and other hardships. Someone who is facing these challenges because of a negligent driver may want to consider talking with an attorney and taking legal action.

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