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What can drivers do to prevent accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2014 | Car Accidents |

If you follow the news, you may not be very surprised when you hear about yet another car accident occurring. In Monmouth and across New Jersey, people continue to suffer catastrophic injuries and lose their lives in these wrecks and it is important for drivers to do everything they can to prevent an auto accident from taking place.

On their website, the State of New Jersey published a manual which provides very useful information on car accidents and how they can be prevented. On top of covering some of the more obvious pointers, such as being prepared and alert when behind the wheel, the manual also mentions a number of suggestions which people may not be as aware of. For example, driving while overly excited or angry should be avoided and could lead to dangerous behavior, such as running stop signs and speeding.

Additionally, drivers may be surprised to find out that driving while impaired as a result of insufficient sleep is illegal in the state, since tired drivers are sometimes as unsafe as drunk drivers. The manual also provides other information that is very important for drivers to understand, such as how to change lanes properly, handle various road conditions and maintain a safe following distance.

Unfortunately, even responsible drivers can have their world turned upside down after a car crash. When a car accident victim is struggling with the loss of a loved one, personal injury, emotional pain or medical expenses because of a negligent driver, it is crucial for them to take action immediately.