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Effectively engaging in personal injury protection arbitration

If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle collision with another vehicle, you are likely eager to ensure that you receive the medical care and rehabilitation that you are entitled to as an accident victim. After all, you did not cause the collision in question and the insurance company should support your injury claims. Unfortunately, however, the attorneys at the law firm of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, L.L.P., are all too well acquainted with the fact that insurance providers often attempt to avoid covering the full amount of medical expenses that accident victims incur. That is why we strive to advocate on behalf of our clients through the entire personal injury protection arbitration process.

Many unanswered questions in fatal New Jersey crash

Car accidents are regular events in New Jersey. Fatal crashes which take the lives of young victims, however, are not. When such accidents occur, both the victims’ families and the community want to know how these tragic deaths could have been prevented. This often requires an in-depth investigation by law enforcement officials. Civil litigation such as personal injury, wrongful death or products liability lawsuits may also be involved. 

New Jersey motorcyclist dies after collision with SUV

Whenever any type of traffic accident occurs, there could be serious consequences for those involved. Unfortunately, when a motorcyclist collides with a vehicle, the outcome can be particularly devastating. Motorcycle accidents may result in debilitating injuries and fatalities, changing the lives of those who are impacted forever. In Monmouth, New Jersey, it is imperative for every driver to obey traffic laws and look out for motorcyclists every time they get behind the wheel.

New Jersey car accident claims three lives

As if driving isn't dangerous enough, the roads can be even more deadly when a negligent driver gets behind the wheel. Whether they are intoxicated or simply not paying attention, these drivers may increase the likelihood of a fatal accident occurring. In Monmouth and throughout New Jersey, it is imperative for drivers to do everything they can to prevent fatal motor vehicle accidents from claiming more lives.

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