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Analyzing motorcyclist reaction times

Many of the motorcyclists riding around Monmouth most likely feel as though their riding skills are sufficient to help them to avoid potentially fatal accidents. However, every year thousands of motorcyclists who probably shared the same belief are killed on America’s roads. Data shared by The Insurance Institute for High Safety shows that of the 542 fatal vehicle accidents that occurred in 2013, over 10 percent involved motorcyclists.

How much does an average motorcycle accident cost?

If you happen to count yourself among Monmouth’s many motorcyclists, you no doubt enjoy the freedom your bike provides from the dull everyday monotony of a car. Unfortunately, along with that freedom comes the increased risk of injury or death you face should you ever be in a motorcycle accident. If you are involved in an accident, your first inclination may be to forgive and forget rather than worry about the hassle of pursuing compensation. Yet once you know what the average cost of a motorcycle accident is in America, you may think differently.

Examining motorcycle passenger rights

Some of those that we see here at the offices of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, and Covelli who are dealing with the effects of a motorcycle crash aren’t motorcyclists at all. Rather, they were those who trusted a spouse, family member, or friend enough to hop on the back of their bikes and take a quick ride. Unfortunately, they often discover all too quickly just how little protection a motorcycle provides in a crash. Therefore, it may be important that one know his or rights as a passenger following a motorcycle collision.

New Jersey motorcyclist dies after collision with SUV

Whenever any type of traffic accident occurs, there could be serious consequences for those involved. Unfortunately, when a motorcyclist collides with a vehicle, the outcome can be particularly devastating. Motorcycle accidents may result in debilitating injuries and fatalities, changing the lives of those who are impacted forever. In Monmouth, New Jersey, it is imperative for every driver to obey traffic laws and look out for motorcyclists every time they get behind the wheel.

Safety tips for New Jersey motorcyclists

The warm summer months provide a great opportunity for Monmouth County residents to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. This is particularly true of those residents who own motorcycles who often have a limited time in which to enjoy hitting the open, and not so open, road. While motorcyclists often consider their preferred mode of transportation as being fun and thrilling, it can also be extremely dangerous.

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