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Have fatal crashes been on the rise?

Texting, changing music, eating, chatting with passengers: there are many reasons why a driver might be distracted on the road. This does not even include other issues such as driving while intoxicated. But just how many fatal accidents have occurred over the last decade, and has the trend been worsening or improving?

Making a case for drowsy driving

While most in Monmouth are likely very confident in their own driving skills, it’s often the reckless actions of others that lead to car accidents. In some cases, evidence indicating recklessness is readily apparent. Oftentimes, however, making a case for negligence can be quite a challenge.

Examining EMS response times to car accidents

Those in Monmouth with a fear of flying have probably been told many times that one is much more likely to die in a car accident than in a plane crash. While most likely accept that logic, few may truly understand how true it really is. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 10.8 million auto accidents in the U.S. in 1990. From those accidents, over 69,000 people were killed. Averaged out over a 100,000 resident population, that equates to a fatality rate of 11 percent.

New Jersey car accident claims three lives

As if driving isn't dangerous enough, the roads can be even more deadly when a negligent driver gets behind the wheel. Whether they are intoxicated or simply not paying attention, these drivers may increase the likelihood of a fatal accident occurring. In Monmouth and throughout New Jersey, it is imperative for drivers to do everything they can to prevent fatal motor vehicle accidents from claiming more lives.

Tracy Morgan among four plaintiffs in lawsuit against Walmart

Residents in Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey likely recall hearing news about the fatal truck accident last month in which one man was killed and comedian and actor, Tracy Morgan seriously injured. After undergoing multiple surgeries and spending the last several weeks in rehab, Morgan recently went home to continue his recovery. He also, along with three others, took legal action and filed a lawsuit against the owner of the truck that was involved in the accident.

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