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Whiplash from car accidents: Symptoms and treatment

When you consider the gravitational forces involved in the average car crash, and you also take into account the way the head is prone to whipping back and forth from the base of the neck, it's understandable how whiplash injuries can happen. Whiplash happens after a violent shaking of the head and neck due to tearing, ripping and straining of the neck muscles, ligaments and bones.

Should I tell my friends to stop texting and driving?

We've all experienced the uncomfortable situation of riding in a friend's car, when he or she whips out a smartphone and starts texting while driving. Considering that scientific studies have shown texting while driving to be almost as dangerous as intoxicated driving, it's natural to be afraid in these circumstances.

Winter road conditions increase the risk of distracted driving

There's little doubt that distracted driving poses a substantial risk to anyone on public roads. Even the most attentive and careful driver could end up in a crash after crossing paths with someone distracted behind the wheel. The results could include serious injuries or even a death, as well as damage to the vehicles involved. Many states, including New Jersey, work hard to enforce laws against distracted driving, but it still happens.

Teenage drivers causing rear end accidents because of distraction

Statistics pointing to the problem of distracted driving are staggering -- especially when they relate to teenage drivers. According to one study, approximately three-fourths of rear-end accidents caused by teens were the result of the teen getting distracted. Common distractions were passengers and smartphones.

Auto deaths rising, but distracted driving is on the decline

The United States National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration published automobile death statistics regarding 2016. The data reveals that more people died in 2016 compared to 2015. With 37,461 motor vehicle deaths in total, this figure represents a 5.6 percent increase from the year before.

Distracted driving: 3 myths and 3 facts

Many people believe that they can do more than one thing at one time. In most cases, they're right. The trouble is that when people multitask, they may be taking their minds off more important tasks to get things done more quickly. For example, a driver who decides to text behind the wheel thinks he or she can text quickly without compromising his or her driving abilities, but the truth is that any time spent looking away from the road is hazardous to the driver and others.

I was in a single-car accident: Could someone else be at fault?

Driving a motor vehicle is dangerous no matter how safe and defensive you try to be with your driving behaviors. As such, an accident can literally happen at any moment. If another driver is at fault for your accident, and any resulting injuries, then that driver will be financially liable to pay you for the costs related to your medical care and other damages.

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