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Social host liability considerations in New Jersey

With summer quickly approaching, and graduation and wedding season moving full-steam ahead, countless families across the state of New Jersey are planning for a number of parties and large events. Gatherings may vary in size from including a few close relatives to large groups of friends and acquaintances alike, but may often involve alcohol. In such cases, it is all too common for happy moments to turn into tragedies. Social host liability is a factor in many drunk driving accident cases, and can be an important aspect of effectively pursuing personal-injury claims.

Avoiding drunk driving accidents

It may seem to many in Monmouth that it’s difficult to turn on the news anymore without hearing about another accident related to drunk driving. Yet despite the many stories people hear, most never believe that they will be involved in drunk driving accidents. Statistics, however, seem to strongly indicate that no one is immune from the dangers posed by drunk drivers. Information collected for the book Drunk Driving and shared by the website shows that 30 percent of all Americans will be involved in a drunk driving accident at some point in their lifetimes.

Defining dram shop laws

Many of the Lakewood residents who come to see us here at Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, and Covelli are facing enormous medical expenses stemming from serious accidents. When those accidents are caused by a drunk driver, victims often question how far liability extends to other parties who may have been involved. While most may assume that responsibility begins and ends with the one who chose to drive while impaired, there are certain scenarios where those who helped him or her reach an intoxicated state may deemed to be liable, as well. We’ll examine those instances in this post.

Authorities in New Jersey township target drunk driving

When a drunk driver makes the dangerous decision to get behind the wheel, they are putting lives at risk, including their own. Unfortunately, in Monmouth and throughout New Jersey, people continue to make the mistake of driving while intoxicated. Drunk driving accidents can result in serious injuries and deaths that could have been avoided, which is why drivers should never take to the road when they are not sober.

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