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Alcohol continues to claim lives on New Jersey roads

During the holiday season, it is not uncommon for residents in New Jersey to enjoy a multitude of celebrations. Company holiday parties, family gatherings and more have become hallmarks of this time of year. Unfortunately, these events commonly see a high number of people consuming multiple alcoholic beverages and then grabbing their keys to drive home. Drunk driving continues to be a problem in New Jersey as shown by statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What is dram shop liability?

Assigning liability for drunk driving accidents in Monmouth County might seem fairly straightforward: the intoxicated driver that hit you is responsible for their actions. Yet what about those parties that may have contributed to them becoming drunk? Without having been furnished with alcohol, a strong argument may be made that the driver that hit you would have never been in position to do so in the first place. At the same time, others might claim that establishments are not responsible for the actions of their patrons. 

What is the first-time drunk driving penalty?

Driving under the influence of alcohol puts you in danger and endangers everyone else on the road. New Jersey has set laws about what will happen to you if you get convicted of a DUI. To begin with, if you drive and your blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent or higher, then you are driving under the influence, according to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety.

Understanding how driving drunk could affect you

Chances are you have heard about the dangers of drunk driving and how just a little exposure to alcohol has the ability to greatly impair your ability to make responsible decisions. However, not as much is said of the consequences that could be suffered as the result of your decision to drive under the influence. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we have helped many victims of DUI accidents in New Jersey to make an impact statement and work toward getting the compensation they deserve. 

NJ man accused of drug possession previously, charged with DUI

When criminals in New Jersey are caught and reprimanded according to the severity of their actions, it is the hope of everyone that adequate measures will be implemented to prevent that same person from committing the same crime again. However, there are times when even with seemingly appropriate consequences, repeat offenders can find a way to get past the radar. Unfortunately, this danger can make subsequent offenses even worse and put the lives of innocent bystanders at risk. 

What is the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign?

Drunk driving is an issue in New Jersey. Across the country, people die every day because of the negligence of a driver who chooses to get behind the wheel after drinking. While the state has strict drunk driving laws, they do not prevent people from driving while under the influence. This is why further actions are taken to help get drunk drivers off the road. Law enforcement often run special campaigns to target drunk drivers. One such campaign is Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

A look at why driving under the influence is so dangerous

When people have been socially drinking and entertain the thought of driving home on their own, they are mistakengly making a decision that could ultimately put themselves, their passengers and all other motorists around them at extreme risk. While driving under the influence has legal consequences in New Jersey, it can also create major hazards when impairment affects a person's ability to make responsible decisions. 

Blood alcohol levels and physical reactions

A driver on the roads of any state in the country could be arrested if his or her blood alcohol content is above 0.08 percent. According to the State of New Jersey's Department of Law & Public Safety, any amount of alcohol could lead to a drunk driving conviction in the state if it results in erratic driving, traffic violations or other signs of intoxication.

Driving after drinking is always a poor judgment call

Many people in New Jersey may believe that they can tell when it is safe for them to drive after drinking. Whether they base their decision on how many drinks they had or how they feel, that assessment could be a fatal mistake. 

NJ prepares to reduce drunk driving deaths this holiday season

Statewide, New Jersey law enforcement are participating in a program that provides extra money to agencies so they can allocate extra resources toward identifying and stopping drunk drivers. According to the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, sobriety checkpoints and extra patrols will begin Dec. 9, 2017, and run through Jan. 1, 2018. So far this year, alcohol-related fatalities have equaled 20 percent of the 572 total traffic deaths on state roadways.

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