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Dangers of tire blowouts involving commercial trucks

It is a common sight along the New Jersey Turnpike and other freeways across the country – the remnants of blown tires litter the roadway, a reminder that blowouts are frequent and may result in a serious accident. Some people humorously refer to tire litter as “road gators,” although the reality is far from funny. Blown tires often cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle, which may result in running off the road, overturning or crashing into other cars on the freeway. In some cases, sparks from the wheel underneath a blown tire may cause a fire to the vehicle or nearby brush.

Aggressive truck drivers among the highway’s worst dangers

When it comes to truck crashes, the topics of drowsy or distracted driving are often the most talked about. However, some truck drivers may be more dangerous than those who drive while fatigued, according to a study by DriveCam’s Driving Insights Series. With the busy highways that crisscross New Jersey, this subject is a serious one for those in the state.

Winter conditions may increase risks involving trucks

Serious accidents occur on the New Jersey Turnpike on a regular basis. Many of these involve commercial trucks, which make up a large portion of the traffic using this portion of the highway. In 2013, nine people lost their lives in New Jersey accidents involving large trucks, according to numbers provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Dozens more were killed in crashes involving smaller utility trucks and vans in the state that year.

Truck crash involves multiple vehicles and injuries in Edison

Commercial vehicles in all shapes and sizes are necessary for transporting goods across the country. Along the busy, congested highways of New Jersey, drivers frequently share the road with truck drivers. Like all drivers, truckers can get into an accident due to any factor imaginable. Catastrophic truck crashes have occurred as a result of drunk driving, distraction, fatigue, high speed, faulty mechanics or any other number of causes. Unlike many accidents involving smaller vehicles, those who get into collisions with large trucks are usually seriously injured or worse.

Dump truck hits New Jersey Turnpike, driver killed

Large commercial trucks are a great danger to those sharing the roads with them all across the country. Residents of New Jersey may be well accustomed to seeing news reports of truck accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike. As one of the busiest highway sections in the nation, this road receives a great deal of semi-truck and passenger traffic alike.

Cellphone regulations aim to reduce trucker distractions

Every day in New Jersey, as well as everywhere else in the country, people share the road with large trucks. Semi trucks have the potential to cause devastating injuries or fatalities for those in smaller vehicles. Distracted driving is a problem affecting all types of drivers, not just those in smaller passenger cars. Truck drivers may also drive while distracted and cause accidents. The problem has prompted federal regulations to address certain types of driver distraction.

Just how serious of an issue is truck driver fatigue?

Most people who have spent any amount of time on New Jersey roadways would agree that there are more commercial trucks on the road than ever before. Besides being intimidating for their size, commercial trucks pose a real danger to smaller vehicles, as they are increasingly difficult to navigate around and are generally less responsive in incidents involving unexpected obstacles and/or collisions. The fact that commercial vehicles place motorists at a higher risk of being involved in accident incidents is only made worse by evidence suggesting that truck drivers contribute significantly to road dangers.

Understanding the rules regarding cargo security

When clients who’ve been involved in a truck accident come to see us here at the offices of Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, and Covelli, it’s often not due to a collision, but rather an accident involving cargo. Commercial trucks and tractor-trailers transport everything from corrosive agents to construction materials. Yet even cargo that might not seem dangerous can easily turn into fast-flying debris on a highway if it’s not secured properly. In this post, we’ll examine the federal guidelines in place regarding commercial cargo.

Numerous injuries after truck collides with bus in New Jersey

Whether someone gets behind the wheel of a semi while suffering from truck driver fatigue or a negligent truck company is responsible for a wreck, there are many reasons why truck crashes happen. In Monmouth, New Jersey, victims of truck accidents may be unsure of what to do next. However, it is very important for them to do everything they can to ensure that they receive the compensation they need to move forward.

Assessing the prevalence of large truck accidents

From a permanent disability to medical expenses and loss of life, there are many challenges that people involved in large truck crashes often face. As a result, it is imperative for drivers in Monmouth and throughout New Jersey to remember the risks they face when getting behind the wheel and do whatever they can to avoid getting in a wreck. Far too many semi truck crashes continue to cause tremendous pain and suffering and it is important for drivers to realize just how prevalent these accidents are.

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