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Plan to deal with financial impacts after a catastrophic injury

Suffering a brain injury during a motor vehicle accident can lead to serious life impacts. One area of your life that can be affected is your finances. You have to think about the increase in expenses that you will have because of the need for medical care and life assistance. You may not be able to continue to work at the same capacity as you did before the accident, which can mean you have a reduction in income.

1 fatigued driver can lead to serious crashes

The chance of a driver falling asleep at the wheel is a huge hazard, especially when the driver is fatigued. This is a problematic occurrence for all drivers, but especially for truckers who might have long hauls. Anyone who is going to get behind the wheel of a vehicle should ensure that they are well rested and ready to remain safe while they drive.

Can you spot a distracted driver on the road?

You probably understand that distracted driving poses a risk to you on the road. Perhaps you refuse to text and drive. That is a very smart decision that can help keep you and other people safe. However, you are still at risk because of the people who do text on the road.

Beware of drunk drivers, especially at night and on weekends

Many factors can come into the picture when there is a motor vehicle wreck. One cause of these tragedies is impaired driving. Around 29 percent of fatalities caused by drunk drivers in the United States occur in New Jersey. The most recent data note that in 2017, alcohol-related crashes claimed 10,874 lives in this state.

Beware of pedestrians as the weather gets nicer

Pedestrians are going to start walking about more to enjoy the beautiful weather that is upon us in Allenhurst. This increase means that everyone needs to do their part to keep these individuals safe as they enjoy the city. Not only do the people walking need to practice safety but drivers must as well.

Mobile devices aren't the only form of driver distraction

Far too many people mistakenly believe that mobile devices are the only real source of distraction on the road. In reality, distraction can take infinite forms for drivers. In some cases, it isn't even a tangible distraction, but rather something in their head that they focus on instead of the task at hand.

Concussion: Troublesome injury possible in a car accident

The violent force of a car wreck can lead to serious injuries for the victims. One of these is a concussion, which is possible in just about any crash. Understanding some basic information about this type of injury might help you to spot the signs if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Common injuries after a car wreck might take time to appear

People often focus on the immediate symptoms that they notice after a car crash. What they might not realize is that there are some problems that can appear in the days and weeks after the crash. These can be just as serious as those present at the scene of the wreck.

Prepare before you drive in the snowy weather

Driving in the winter months are often a challenge in states like New Jersey that tend to see plenty of snow and ice. Not only do you have to worry about how your vehicle is going to fare in the cold weather, you also have to think about the road conditions. There are many things that can impact your safety during this time of year.

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