Preventing a jackknifing incident

Drivers in New Jersey should know that jackknifing is not just common among big rigs. It can happen with cars towing trailers and boats. Truckers, though, are the primary individuals who should consider the following tips that can help prevent a jackknifing incident on the highway.

Trailer swing is one of the warning signs that jackknifing will occur, so truckers should check their mirrors for it every so often. They should be aware that there are two types of jackknifing: trailer jackknifing, where the trailer wheels lose traction, and tractor jackknifing, involving the tractor wheels. The former is caused by harsh braking while the latter may be due to sudden acceleration.

Avoiding harsh braking, then, is a priority. Truckers should maintain a reasonably safe distance from the vehicles in front of them. When approaching bends and curves, they should decelerate slowly and never apply the brakes when making their turns. If they must swerve away from an object, it would be best not to brake at the same time.

Jackknifing can occur when going in reverse, but there's a simple trick to avoid this. Truckers should put one hand at the 6 o'clock position on their steering wheel, back up and turn their hand in the direction they want the rig to travel.

If not death, truck accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and possibly lifelong disabilities. Those injured through no fault of their own in such accidents are entitled to compensation. This is where a knowledge of personal injury law becomes necessary. Victims, or their families, may want to see a lawyer about filing a claim against the trucking company. An attorney may even handle all the negotiations, and if it fails to produce a settlement, he or she may take the case to court.

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