Truck accidents, and their five common causes

Collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles are usually due to one of five things. Drivers in New Jersey should know these five factors as it may help them be more responsible while sharing the road with big rigs. The first is driver error. In the majority (81%) of truck crashes that involve error, the passenger vehicle driver is at fault. However, truckers can nevertheless cause a crash through drowsy, drunk, drugged or distracted driving.

Inclement weather is behind many crashes, too, since trucks pose a specific threat when the roads are wet, icy or snowy. Inexperienced truckers may brake too harshly and cause the rig to skid, hydroplane or jackknife.

Third, truckers may neglect to inspect their rig before every shift. Lack of maintenance can lead to parts becoming worn and ineffective. A fourth factor is closely related to this: equipment failure. However, this may be due to negligence on the part of trucking companies and parts manufacturers rather than negligence on the trucker's part.

Lastly, there are industry-specific rules when it comes to loading and securing cargo. To break these rules is to raise the risk for an incident where cargo falls out onto the road. Both overloading and underloading a truck is bad.

When someone gets hurt by a negligent truck driver, legal action may be warranted. In New Jersey, plaintiffs can recover damages as long as they were not over 50% at fault. It might take legal representation for a plaintiff to actually recover the deserved amount in damages. A lawyer may hire investigators to gather evidence, such as truck maintenance records or in-cab camera footage. Legal counsel could handle all negotiations with the applicable insurance agencies, litigating as a last resort.

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