The use of stimulants and truck crashes

From poor road conditions due to bad weather to driver fatigue, there are a lot of reasons why large truck wrecks continue to occur. With the massive size of these vehicles, these accidents are especially likely to result in the loss of life or serious injuries that derail someone's life. Unfortunately, some truck drivers use stimulants (both legal and illegal) in an attempt to stay alert while they are behind the wheel. This can be very dangerous, however. Not only does stimulant usage sometimes lead to intoxication, but it can also create a false sense of alertness even though a trucker is very fatigued.

In the trucking industry, drug and alcohol abuse is not uncommon. Some truck drivers develop an addiction to an intoxicating substance, which can result in frequent intoxication while they are behind the wheel. Strong stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine can dramatically affect a truck driver's ability to stay safe on the roadway, causing them to reach excessive speeds or ignore other vehicles around them. Moreover, truck drivers may also drive recklessly when they are coming down from such substances.

Even the use of seemingly safe stimulants can bring up concerns when it comes to road safety. For example, some truck drivers may drink an excessive amount of coffee to make up for a lack of sleep. However, coffee is not a substitute for sleep, even if it makes a driver feel more alert temporarily. If you were hit by a truck driver, please consider your legal options.

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