Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

"Every day, American families face difficult decisions about whether to move a loved one into a nursing home. There are nearly 17,000 nursing homes in the United States that currently care for 1.6 million residents-a figure expected to quadruple to 6.6 million residents by 2050. The quality of care provided by these nursing homes has been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years."- U.S. Congress Committee on Oversight and Government Reform , Chairman Henry A. Waxman, 110th Congress.

As life expectancies rise in our country, there has been a proportional growth in the senior living industry. With this growth comes an enormous potential for profit. Sadly, when this profit margin becomes the sole interest of a facility manager, our loved ones stand at risk for negligence and abuse. Instead of providing proper care for elders, senior living facilities become too focused on their bottom line. Nursing homes, residential assisted living facilities and other elder care facilities have an obligation to provide proper medical treatment and appropriate care for residents. Unfortunately, neglect and abuse in nursing homes happen all-too frequently and can lead to serious injuries and illnesses.

If you notice signs of abuse such as multiple falls, abrasions, lacerations, malnutrition, weight loss, unsafe or unsanitary environments or inexplicable personality changes in your loved one, you should report this negligence to the proper authorities immediately and seek help from an attorney. Other cases of neglect can arise from:

  • Pressure sores (bedsores or decubitus ulcers)
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Defective bed rails
  • Misuse of restraints
  • Negligent Care

If you or someone you know is experiencing any type of abuse or neglect while residing in a senior living facility do not hesitate to reach out for help. No matter what your financial circumstances are, you do have access to justice. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson, Covelli & McPherson, you will find experienced nursing home abuse lawyers who can help you fight back against the abusers and get the financial compensation your loved one deserves.

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