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Tips for carrying a passenger safely on a motorcycle

An experienced motorcyclist may be completely comfortable on the roadways of New Jersey, but taking a passenger along for the ride is a different experience. Not only does the operator need to understand how to adjust for the extra weight and other factors that affect the ride, according to the New Jersey Driver Manual, he or she should always review safety rules with a passenger before they get on the motorcycle.

New technology sets its sights on preventing motorcycle deaths

It is a fact of life that cars and motorcycles must share New Jersey’s many roads. Operators of both kinds of vehicles are faced with the danger of being in an accident. However, because riders are so exposed, crashes involving motorcycles tend to be extremely serious.

Summer can be a dangerous time for motorcycle riders

Warm weather and sunny skies are often a perfect combination for motorcyclists in New Jersey. However, just as more riding enthusiasts hit the road during summer months, so do the drivers of many other types of vehicles as they embark on vacation road trips and jaunts to the shore. That is why people who ride motorcycles may wish to exercise extra caution when traveling in the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

As spring weather hits New Jersey in full force and gives way to the warm days of summer, drivers may find themselves sharing the road with more and more motorcycles. While it is, of course, up to riders to take precautions to ensure their personal safety, the burden also falls to other drivers to remain alert to the presence of motorcycles. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we understand that safety is the highest priority for drivers and riders alike.

As a beginner, what can I do to stay safe on my motorcycle?

Whether you are a beginner or perhaps taking up riding again after a long break, it may be tempting to hit the road in Allenhurst without putting much thought into it. However, if you want to remain safe on your motorcycle and decrease your chances of being seriously injured in an accident, you may want to take a more thoughtful approach. Here are some tips for riding your motorcycle if you are new or out of practice.

What are some tips for motorcycling safely in the rain?

As winter weather gives way to spring in New Jersey, rainy days will become more frequent. While warmer weather may entice you to get your motorcycle out of the garage and on to the road, riding in the rain can present some safety issues. Here are some tips for being safe when confronted with spring showers.

Could airbags help keep me safer on my motorcycle?

If you are an avid biker, you are likely already aware of the safety risks involved every time you hit the road in Allenhurst, especially compared to the other vehicles around you. In addition to cars being bigger and more enclosed, another safety advantage they have over motorcycles is their use of airbags. While airbags are not standard features on motorcycles, there are still a few ways that you could take advantage of the technology to help protect you should you get in an accident.

How can cars safely share the road with motorcycles?

Roads in New Jersey are very diverse. You may find yourself driving on a rural two lane road and a major interstate all in a matter of minutes. Therefore, knowing how to share the road with lots of different kinds of vehicles is important so that driving can be a safe experience for everyone. Here are some tips for safe driving when sharing the road with motorcycles.

Winter safety for cyclists

Being struck by a motor vehicle can be devastating for a cyclist. Severe injuries can be caused by even the slightest clip from a car and with an increase of distracted drivers due to everything from cellphone use to eating while driving, accidents involving motorists and cyclists are on the rise.

What are some tips for safe motorcycle riding in the winter?

If you are an avid motorcyclist, then you likely want to ride as often throughout the year as possible. While winter weather in New Jersey can vary greatly, riding in the cold can be still be a safe activity as long as you follow a few guidelines.

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