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Drowsy driving can cause a serious car accident

When you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, it's essential that you are 100 percent alert. Unfortunately, there are times when people decide to drive drowsy.

According to a National Sleep Foundation poll, approximately 60 percent of adults have taken the wheel while they were tired. Adding to this, 103 million people have fallen asleep while driving.

One big obstacle to self-driving cars is consumer mistrust

Anyone who has been in an accident in Monmouth County knows how scary and stressful it can be. Even those who escape serious injury or death may still face a long road to recovery. The statistics surrounding the prevalence of deadly accidents are harrowing. According to Bloomberg, motor vehicle crashes were responsible for 40,200 deaths in 2016. Human error is reportedly a factor in 94 percent of accidents involving fatalities.

That is why many are looking to self-driving cars to greatly reduce the number of deadly accidents. While car manufacturers continue to work on improving autonomous driving technology, one thing that may be holding self-driving cars back is the fact that many people simply do not trust them. In fact, apprehension about being a passenger in an autonomous people was reported by 75 percent of people. This is true across age groups, including among those people who grew up using technology like broadband internet and smartphones.

Summer can be a dangerous time for motorcycle riders

Warm weather and sunny skies are often a perfect combination for motorcyclists in New Jersey. However, just as more riding enthusiasts hit the road during summer months, so do the drivers of many other types of vehicles as they embark on vacation road trips and jaunts to the shore. That is why people who ride motorcycles may wish to exercise extra caution when traveling in the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

According to the Claims Journal, most crashes involving motorcycles occur during the summer. July is the single month with the greatest number of accidents. In addition, the day of the week on which the highest number of accidents take place is Saturday.

Apple to deploy new iPhone feature to prevent distracted driving

It can be hard for people to disconnect from their phones when they get behind the wheel in Monmouth County. However, when someone takes their eyes off of the road for eve a few seconds to check an email or a text message, he or she is creating a huge risk for a crash to occur. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we know how deeply a car accident can impact your life.

According to CNN Money, distracted driving crashes are responsible for the deaths of 8 people every day. In an effort to cut down on people checking their phones while they are driving, Apple is rolling out a new feature with its latest iPhone operating system, iOS 11.

What kind of safety technology should I look for in a new car?

If you are looking to purchase a new car in Monmouth County, you are probably interested in buying the safest car possible to protect you and your family while you are on the road. The good news is that most new models come equipped with safety features that are intended to help prevent you from getting into an accident. Here is what you need to know about the different kinds of safety technologies that are available.

Some accidents occur when drivers try to change lanes. According to Consumer Reports, many cars now come with features that alert you if the coast is not clear to move over. There are also technologies that will alert if you if you are drifting out of your lane and some cars will even automatically steer you so that you remain in the lane in which you are traveling.

Improper seat belt use a major factor in child crash fatalities

When someone is killed in an accident Monmouth County, his or her loved ones are often left struggling. When that person is a child, it can be especially difficult. While preventing each and every motor vehicle accident that occurs may be impossible, there are certain steps that people can take to help reduce injuries and deaths.

According to a new study, improvements in how restraints are used could help decrease the number of child who are killed in car crashes each year. The laws regarding seat belt use for children are different from state to state. However, states that have stricter seat belt laws have been found to have greater seat belt use. It was also found that fewer children die in crashes in states that utilize red light cameras. It remains to been seen whether the results of this new study will lead to any changes by lawmakers to increase seat belt use and enforcement.

Motor vehicle accidents: Did you get hurt by a distracted driver?

You saw him in your rearview mirror. In fact, you saw him extra well because his face was illuminated by the cellphone in his hand. He didn't apply his brakes and was still barreling down the road at 40 mph when his sport utility vehicle slammed into the back of your compact sedan.

Thank goodness your children and your husband weren't in the car. They might have gotten hurt, too, and then what would your family have done? You survived with a broken femur and a broken rib. The doctor says you're going to be alright, but you can't work for a month, and you need plenty of bed rest.

Improved data collection could help reduce crashes, study finds

If you were involved in a crash in Monmouth County, you were likely stuck dealing with a number of issues in the aftermath. Injuries, car damage and insurance claims are just some of the things that accident victims must contend with. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we understand that being in an accident is stressful and that preventing them is important to you and your family.

One way that drivers can be safer is for experts to understand why accidents happen. They try to do this by analyzing available data about crashes. A new study has taken a look at how accidents are reported and data is compiled and found that in many cases, the information reported is not completely accurate or does not show the full picture, according to

Research aims to combat underride crashes

Given how big and heave they are, it should come as no surprise that accidents in New Jersey that involve tractor trailers are much more serious than those limited to smaller passenger vehicles. One of the biggest dangers is what happens when a car impacts with a large truck and slides underneath it.

According to CNN, when the hood goes underneath a truck, it can compromise the car’s windshield and cabin and lead to serious injury and often death. In fact, in almost half of deadly truck accidents, underride was found to be a factor.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

As spring weather hits New Jersey in full force and gives way to the warm days of summer, drivers may find themselves sharing the road with more and more motorcycles. While it is, of course, up to riders to take precautions to ensure their personal safety, the burden also falls to other drivers to remain alert to the presence of motorcycles. At Escandon, Fernicola, Anderson & Covelli, we understand that safety is the highest priority for drivers and riders alike.

According to the National Safety Council, May has been designated National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This month is important for riders as a reminder to wear the proper equipment every time they get on their bike and to practice good safety behaviors. This is especially important for riders over the age of 50, since in 2011, that demographic represented 35 percent of all motorcycle deaths.

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